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There are always new additions to skin care ranges being introduced to us here in UK but recently I was really intrigued to hear about a new skin care line that was being bought to our UK shores. We are denied a lot of great brands here in the UK and I wanted to get the scoop on the latest find to find out if it really was something unique or just a new standard range to join the hundreds already available. I am pleased to report it really is something rather special.

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I introduce you to Aÿsse Haute Cosmétique, a sparkling skin care range. Today I thought I would bring to you an overview of the brand and its products and later on introduce you to my favourite picks. Now what makes Aysse so special? I will try to break it down to you without getting too scientific as all that does seem to overwhelm me slightly. There is one luxury item the line is based around, champagne – why, the name itself derives from the product: Aÿsse, as in Aÿ, a village at the heart of the Champagne region. Aÿsse, as in muse.

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The brand is from Baroness Pascale Baudin de Saint Quentin (what a name!) who spent part of her childhood in French Guyana with her grandmother who concocted potions and beauty ointments using sparkling wine from the Champagne region. After years of research, scientific stuff and lots of statistic, the results were in – the ingredients in Champagne are truly beneficial for the skin and a new skin care brand was born. Now first that did scare me off a little, high content of alcohol on your skin cannot be a good thing right? It’s the reason I try and steer away from makeup wipes! However after reading the ingredient lists and researching a bit more about the content of the range I realised I couldn’t be further from the truth. Some products in the range don’t contain any alcohol at all! So how does it have a connection to champagne without excess alcohol? Well all the good stuff is still in there, such as grape extract, citric acid, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and many more.

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The range itself only consists of 15 products (making it easy to understand) and is split into two, Millesime and Prestige. Millesime is more suited to my skin type as it is aimed at maintaining the youthfulness to skin under the age of 40. Prestige looks after the effects of ageing and is aimed at skin over the age of 40. As you can imagine I was more interested in the Millesime range and thought I would share some products from the range with you. First up we have my two clear favourites, Serum Éclat Immediat which is a two step anti ageing serum and also Masque Tendre which is an intensive moisturising treatment mask. If you read my blog you would know I am all about moisturised skin that fends of dry patches and I find that implementing these two products into my skin care really does help achieve that. Like I said this is an overview I will do a more in depth review later.

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These two products are also from the Millesime range and I do find that this range really promotes hydrated and revitalised skin which is great as moisturised skin helps prevent signs of ageing. We have Prime Jeunesse which is an easily absorbed lightweight moisturiser which helps protect and promote soft skin. Secondly we have Millesime Eau De Creme which is a spray on body moisturiser which takes away the tedious job of applying body moisturiser and makes it more fun. I don’t use body moisturisers at all but I think this may make me change my mind!

I’m really looking forward to discovering more from the brand, I already have my eye on three more products from the range to add to my collection! The brand is exclusive to Feel Unique and you can discover more from the brand here. Do let me know if you want a review of any particular product in the comments or even on my Twitter and if you have any questions do ask away. As promised I will have more in depth reviews coming up once I’ve thoroughly tested the products out so watch this space! Have a great day lovelies! Tanzina x

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