QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

Hi lovelies! Today I have a really exciting post for you, I was given the chance to test and trial the top nail care products over at QVC to determine which product is a winner for me. I was extremely excited to have a chance to judge, mainly because I am always the judged and never the judgee (a word I just invented) and also because the products in the category would be what I would call the best of the best. I have tried them all in the past at some point and wanted to put them against each other and see what product comes up on top. Great selection QVC!

IMG 8084 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

In the category we have four products, the Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat, OPI Nail Envy Duo with the Original and Matte formula, Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit and finally last but not least Leighton Denny Crystal File Duo. All these products I had tried and tested before, some I needed to reuse and let it refresh my memory and others I was already using in my nail routine. I’m going to quickly brief you in with the products and share my thoughts on them before I reveal which stood out the most to me.

IMG 8050 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

IMG 8051 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

IMG 8057 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

The Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat (you can find it here), one of my holy grail items. No manicure is fully complete without this for me, it gives me the desired glossy finish and most importantly it really cuts down drying time for me. When I make minor bumps and nicks when applying polish, this smooths it out and really helps make it look more flawless. I’ve used it for so long, and as you can see I already have a back up at home while my current one is in use. One thing that really gets on my nerves though is that after a few weeks the formula isn’t as runny as it used to be, after using I’d say about 1/3 of the bottle. However the thicker consistency still works, that is until you hit the last 1/4 of the bottle. It becomes really gloopy and almost impossible to work with and I do have to give up and throw it away. However because the first 3/4 of the bottle worked wonders for me I keep repurchasing. There is apparently a thinner by Seche Vite that makes the last quarter usable but I’ve never tried it. Maybe I need to invest in it now! Also, another complaint I get from other Seche Vite  users is that this topcoat shrinks the polish underneath it so you get  some sort of shriveled polish underneath. I’ve heard that from many people and it may be down to luck and formula  but that has never happened to me. Touch wood! Regardless of its fault it is definitely a [ I cannot live without this ] kind of product for me. This trio retail for £18.75

IMG 8072 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

IMG 8069 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

The much raved about OPI Nail Envy Duo (currently out of stock), again a product I used before. Now I am blessed with rather strong nails that do grow pretty quick (double touch wood) but I have given this product a whirl previously. This works like a treatment for your nails, to help generate growth and make your nails less like to break. You use it by itself, or even under polish or over as a top coat. Now from my experience, yes it did make my nails feel slightly stronger, but not dramatically. It may be due to the fact that my nails were not that bad to start off with and thus the product couldn’t work to its full potential. Again I’ve asked and looked at other peoples experience with this product and I’ve heard quite a few glowing reviews. Many people who suffer from regular nail breakage and slow growth find that this works wonders, I wish I could’ve said the same. I would definitely recommend looking through QVC reviews on the OPI Nail Envy products to see if this might be suited to you. I’ve actually never used the Matte version before, and I have to say on short term benefits I am really impressed. I love the matte finish it gives to my nails, and as a treatment it would work really well as no one would be able to tell you have anything one. I kind of detest clear polish over bare nails so this is a great alternative. It works well as a base coat too!

IMG 8076 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

IMG 8078 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

IMG 8080 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

The Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Kit (you can find it here). Briefly, this is an at home gel nail polish systme that gives you salon results at home. Again another product I’ve tried and loved previously. I had my nails done by this same system early this year at the QVC Beauty Bash and was really impressed with the finish and lasting power of the manicure. The brand have many colours of gel polishes and essentially if you are a fan of gel/shellac nails you will actually save yourself a fortune by owning one of this babies. This currently costs £82.50, and considering a gel/shellac manicure cost £25 a pop at the least, 4 manicures would buy you this kit which you can get hundreds of uses out of. I don’t want to waffle on too much about this kit as I have written a more in depth review on it here.

IMG 8058 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

IMG 8062 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

IMG 8063 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product


Finally we have the much coveted Leighton Denny Crystal File Duo (you can find it here), another holy grail item for me. Can you comprehend how hard it is going to be for me to find a winner?! This is my nail file of choice, as you can see from the images above, I already have a mini one in my nail stash and it really is the only file I use to file my nails. It is often described as the Rolls Royce of Nail Files and I really cannot disagree. It is the best nail file I’ve ever used, you are supposedly allowed to file back and forth with this without ruining your nails and has some great raving reviews on the QVC site. I couldn’t recommend this enough. It comes with a lifetime performance guarantee, I’ve used mine for over a year now and it works exactly like it did the first day I got it. I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy files again! This retails for £25.02 and worth every pretty penny.


winner 1024x682 QVC Beauty Awards 2013: Best Nail Care Product

The Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Kit! Honestly this was a tough one, it was between Red Carpet Manicure, Seche Vite and Leighton Denny as I love each and every product and couldn’t be without them. Then it was Red Carpet Manicure and Seche Vite, then Red Carpet and Leigton Denny and then eventually I found the winner. The nail kit is absolutely amazing, I’ve currently got gel nails on and they are so smooth and glossy and chip resistant and I’ve gotten into a terrible habit of making people stroke my nails and copping a feel of them! I love how easy the kit is to use and also just how affordable salon quality nails are to get at home. My friends are very impressed with my nails and I’ve already offered some to come over and get their nails done too! (Yasmin, I know you are reading this!)

I’m intrigued to see who wins today over at QVC, for me it was a really close one between the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish kit and Leighton Denny Crystal File Duo, but the kit just pips the files to the post. I’m also rooting for my current favourite moisturiser, the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream, to win best moisturiser and my favourite cleanser, Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm, to win best newcomer. Fingers crossed! I hope you enjoyed today’s post, it is quite a lengthy one and I do like to waffle on. It is now 4.13 AM and I am heading to bed! Speak to you soon beautiful x

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