Bio-Essence Jelly Makeup Remover

Hi loves, today I wanted to share with you all a very exciting offer that I really did not want you to miss out on. Some of you may be familiar with Cult Beauty – it is a website which is a haven for beauty products. On Sunday 28th of June (today), it is their 7th birthday and they have a special offer on to celebrate. The first 200 customer to place an order over £25 will receive a full size Bio-Essence Jelly Makeup Remover for free! Now what is Bio-Essence Jelly Makeup Remover I hear you ask, so let me explain.


Bio-Essence is Singapore’s best award-winning skincare brand and it has finally launched on our UK shores. Featuring ingredients with three times the power of hyaluronic acid, Bio-Essence offers a paraben-free capsule collection comprising of five high performance skincare essentials. In my opinion, I think the Jelly Makeup Remover is definitely going to be the best seller, Alexia from Cult Beauty has already called it ‘the new Bioderma’. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you’d know I am crazy about Bioderma!

Bio-Essence Jelly Makeup Remover is described as:
‘This gel makeup remover glides over the skin to dissolve even the most stubborn waterproof mascara, melting away smoky eyes with just one wipe. Paraben and irritant-free, this is safe to use right up to the edge of your eye without fear of irritation. An immediate pro kit-bag essential for 2015′

The best way for me to describe it is a jelly-water hybrid product that is very light and refreshing to use on the face. Recently I’ve been using this after work, and after a long hot day, it is so cooling to use. I find it does take a while to get rid of my mascara so I use a oil based eye makeup remover first but the rest of my make it breaks down very easily. It is very gentle and quite therapeutic to massage into the skin. You can splash it all off with water but I personally like using a flannel just to make sure I have had a deep clean. It is super easy to use and I can see why it is so popular and raved about.

I usually use a cleansing balm for my daily cleanse, but during the summer months I wear a lot less makeup than normal and don’t really need a heavy duty makeup remover. I need something light, that doesn’t dry out my skin or irritate it so this works perfectly. If like me wear quite a bit of mascara/eye makeup I would recommend you use eye makeup remover first and wash away the residue and the rest of your makeup with this cleanser.

bio-essence jelly makeup remover

The Bio-Essence Jelly Makeup Remover retails for £16.00 here at Cult Beauty, but remember guys, the first 200 to spend over £25 today will get this for free!

I hope you liked my quick overview of the product, I didn’t want to go too in-depth as I mostly wanted to highlight this amazing birthday offer to you all. Hope you all have a great day and a happy birthday to  Cult Beauty! Love, Tanzina x

Looking After Your Smile

Hi all, today I have an impromptu post about looking after your smile. I recently got a little sample of some DenTek products to try out, and it spurred me into thinking a little more about my smile. Did you know last month was National Smile Month? Or just last Friday the 19th of June was National Kissing Day? I feel like in the beauty world we put so much focus on the lips with lip care and lip colours, we forget to look beyond that and think more about our mouth and teeth. Today I just wanted to remind you about your mouth, give you a little nudge and make you think about your next dentist appointment and share my thoughts on a couple of products I have been enjoying.

Looking after your smile

When was your last dentist appointment? I’ll be honest if you asked me this about a week ago I would say 18 months ago and before that about 5 years ago! I know it really is terrible how little I think about something I literally would not be able to live a good life without. But I just asked a few people around me as I type this, they too have left quite some time since their last dentist appointment. Thanks to DenTek reminding me, I finally booked a dentist appointment last week and I have to admit the dentist wasn’t too impressed. She told me quite bluntly that my brushing technique was wrong, and the plaque build-up needed to be cleaned there and then. It really isn’t the most flattering thing to admit to, but I just wanted you to think what your dentist would say about your teeth? I have already booked in an appointment for 6 months’ time because I realise now I really need to start thinking more about looking after my smile.
dentek slim brush
Talking about brushing technique, I wanted to bring to your attention something that was actually in my DenTek care package, and recommended by my dentist. Some of my teeth are quite close together, meaning they never get brushed in between. The thought of a part of my body not being washed really grosses me out so you can imagine my reaction to that. That is where these DenTek Slim Brush (interdental brushes) come into use, my dentist recommended dipping them in Corsodyl and brushing in between the gaps of my teeth. I have been doing that, and find that these are so easy to use. Although I can’t see the immediate results (obviously) I am guessing this will really help the overall health of my teeth and mouth – and smile of course!


Talking about smiling, it’s all well having a pretty smile but it really isn’t anything to boast about if your mouth smells to the high heavens. Now I am confident that your breath isn’t that bad and I am hoping mine isn’t either, but anything that helps minimise the smell of bad breath is an asset in my books. Some of you may know about Ramadhan, it is a month where Muslims abstain from food or drink between sunrise and sunset. The issue with not eating or drinking anything the whole day is it really does make your breath smell. This is where the Orabrush has come into use for me, it is a tongue brush that is really effective in banishing bad breath. I have been using it daily, prior to Ramadhan, and it is quite a good feeling knowing my tongue is getting a regular clean. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before! Also, the Orabrush is very affordable at £5.10 here.


Now that we have talked about all the important bits, let’s talk about something pretty. You can’t finish of a smile without a pretty lip product, and I have recently really been enjoying this Sleek Matte Me in Rioja Red. It is a gorgeous pigmented product, and so easy to put on. It lasts really well and it does brighten up my smile. I will try to put it in a makeup look for you all soon. It retails for £4.99.

I hope you liked today’s post, it definitely was something a little different but I hope it has made you think a little bit about your dental care. If you are as naughty as I was, and haven’t seen the dentist in a while, I would highly recommend a visit. You only have one set of teeth left now for the rest of your life, so take care of them! Okay that is enough of me lecturing, speak soon, Tanzina x

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade Review

I thought I would do an Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade review, especially seeing that my swatches post on this was one of my most popular posts ever! I use this product religiously, I have been using it pretty much most makeup days since I laid my hands on it, so I it is time give you my opinion on it. There are quite a few reviews floating around on this product however I wanted to share my experience with you all.

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade

Let’s start with the shades I use. My colouring is dark, I have dark hair and brows, brown eyes with a tan yellow complexion. My brows are naturally dark, as you will see in the below pictures, and personally I do not like making my brows darker than they already are. For that reason, the DipBrow Pomades I have used the most are: Medium Brown, Chocolate and at times Dark Brown. Find swatches of them below.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade Review

Currently I use Medium Brown the most, it doesn’t seem like it is a shade that would match me but somehow it works. Like I said I don’t like making my brows darker than they already are, as they stand out enough alone as it is! I used Chocolate quite a bit also before the shade Medium Brown was released but at times I could overdo it and go too bold. Dark Brown I like using on the tail of my brow (the end) and sometimes I do like that part dark and bold.

For application I use two items. First is a spoolie, I personally really like the spoolie at the end of Anastasia Sable Duo Brow Brush #7. It’s small, strong and really good at brushing through my brows with. However if you wanted to use a cheaper alternative I can’t see why that wouldn’t work, it is just personal preference. For the pomade however I don’t use the corresponding Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush #12. I like to have a very precise application so I can create single lines to imitate brow hairs and also have sharper edges. I use this C160 Angle Liner brush from Crown Brushes which I find works perfectly, AND it is only £2.29. However I found that the product works much better with a clean brush, so I just wipe my brush on a wet wipe to clean off any deposit and then dip it into the Pomade. I would highly recommend using a clean brush every time you use the Pomade as this helps you get the best results.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brushes

I don’t like to fill in my brow completely with the Pomade, instead I like to do light strokes to outline the brow and fill in any gaps. I find this helps create a more natural look, which is more flattering to my face. However on days where I want the ‘perfect’ brow, I do the same process and lightly fill in the brow using the Anastasia Brow Duo Powder in Dark Brown. Find below my ‘natural brow’ vs. my ‘perfect brow’. FYI, I clean up underneath the brow with a light concealer.




When it comes to staying power, I really have no worries with this product, it just stays. I have never worried about it smudging or fading and find it last perfectly all day, 12 hours +. I would say that the Anastasia brow line most definitely contains the best brow products I have ever used, especially the Brow Wiz. I would recommend brow shaping newbies to use the Brow Wiz first as the Pomade can seem a bit scary and it is so easy to end up with Drag brows, which you may not want. The Brow Wiz has such good precision but that is a whole new post!

Today I mainly wanted to show you how I use the DipBrow Pomade as I know so many of you are intrigued with this product, and some people are scared by it! I hope you found this post informative and if you have any questions, just write it into the comments and I will be sure to reply back to you. Also, if you want a tutorial, let me know. Speak soon, Tanzina x

The DipBrow Pomade retails for £15.00 and you can find it here.
The Brow Duo Powder Retails for £15.50 and you can find it here.
The Brow Wiz retails for £17.00 and you can find it here

MAC Lip Liner Review – Ruby Woo, Spice & Dervish

Hi Guys, I recently picked up some MAC lip liners and lipsticks and I was going to smoosh it all into one post for you all to see. However I realised just how lengthy that post would’ve ended up being so I today thought I would just do a MAC Lip Liner review with swatches, and leave the lipsticks for another day. I hope you enjoy getting a look at my new goodies!

mac lip pencil review

MAC Lip Liner Review

ruby woo lip liner review

I picked up three lip liners in the form of Spice, Dervish and Ruby Woo. I’ve been meaning to pick up Ruby Woo for a while, as it is one of my all-time favourite lipstick shade and my go to red lipstick. Initially I thought the lip liner may be just a limited edition pencil however I was really happy to find out that it was actually a permanent addition. It is a gorgeous vivid red shade with blue undertones, and so flattering on so many different skin tones. I am really happy that it has become permanent as I will be repurchasing once this one runs out. I have to warn you though, it keeps getting sold out so you have to keep an eye out for it. I couldn’t find it online for you all.

spice lip liner review

Spice is another very popular shade, with it becoming even more popular after the ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip trend. It is described as a “mid-tone neutral nude.” However I would say it is a quite a rosy toned brown neutral shade. I love this lip pencil, it is so creamy and so easy to apply and it really flatters my skin tone as it has the right amount of pink to make it a flattering nude for me. Out of the three this has become my most used as I find it to be such an everyday shade and easy to apply.

devish lip liner review

The third lip pencil I picked up is Dervish, which is described as a pinky mauve, and I would say it is quite true to that description. It is quite a nice neutral pink shade which again is very flattering on my skin tone. I initially wanted to pick up MAC Whirl (which is a bit darker) but after Kylie Jenner mentioned it was one of her go to lip colours, it is always sold out! I really like this shade however I do also have a gripe with it, it seems to be really dry compared to the others. It doesn’t go on as easily as the other MAC lip liners do and it definitely isn’t as creamy. I have another MAC lip liner (MAC Embrace Me) with which I have the same problem. I am going to keep it though as it still does do the job, just takes a little bit more effort.

MAC Lip Liner Review

MAC Lip Liner Review

My favourite of the lot is definitely Spice, although it is closely followed by Ruby Woo as that shade has a very special place in my heart. I am a little bit disappointed with the consistency of Dervish but I’m happy with the colour. MAC Lip Liners retail for £12.50 here. You can pick Dervish and Spice currently for £11.25 here (currently 10% off*).

I hope you all liked a look at my MAC lip liner review, I always find it insteresting to see how colours translate against different skintones so I think it is useful to post swatches. I will be bringing you a post soon of the three MAC lipsticks I picked up. One of them compliments Spice really really well so keep a look out for that. Until next time, take care. Tanzina x

*10% off at time of publication 05/06/15.

My bkr Water Bottle Review + Q&A with Founders

Hi loves, today I wanted to introduce a beauty inspired item that I have been using for a couple of weeks. As most of us know, drinking water is a must for healthy skin and general wellbeing and I have to admit I do suck at sticking to the recommended 8 glasses a day. I have to be honest, I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to pretty products and I do tend to use things more if they are visually attractive so when I spied the gorgeous bkr bottles, I knew I had to have one. Read on for my bkr water bottle review and a Q&A with the founders!

bkr bambi
bkr water bottle review

I am a bit of a snob when it comes to the standard plastic bottles, I am not one to constantly refill those and have them on my desk. I mean I could, but I really like having visually appealing things on my desk, I can’t be the only one surely! I currently have a Bobble and a BRITA bottle on my desk but I do miss the ease of just drinking out of a water bottle spout. I guess both the Bobble and BRITA are good if you need your water filtered however at my office we have filtered water readily available so it doesn’t make sense to use those bottles, plus they aren’t the nicest looking objects. The introduction of my Bambi BKR has really brightened up my desk and I think the brightness makes me notice it more so I drink more water, and I also love the mouth of the bottle as it is the same as your normal plastic bottles -something I prefer.

bkr water bottle review

bkr water bottle review

I really love the feel good vibe behind BKR, it is a brand created by two friends Tal and Kate who were tired of using plastic bottles and wanted something stylish, pretty and durable instead. I love the fact that these bottles aren’t plastic, but instead they are glass covered in a silicone case, they just feel better to hold and drink out of. Let’s be frank, gorgeous looking water bottles are not a necessity but if you are going to buy a non-disposable one, why not buy a really nice fancy bottle? What I love most about the BKR bottles is just the sheer amount of variation, they are constantly coming out with new collections and colours which means you can pretty much find one to suit everyone’s personality. I now want more to suit my moods!

I thought it would be quite fun and interesting to do a quick Q&A with the founders Kate and Tal and report back to you all. Here are my findings:

Q & A with bkr Founders, Tal Winter and Kate Cutle

bkr water bottle review

    If you could have only one BKR, which one would it be?

TW: Naked, but it’s a hard choice. The neutrals are all absolutely foundational must haves.

KC: Pout.  It’s the perfect opaque light pink – looks cute with everything and totally chic.

    If you had to add another product to the line, what would it be? Would it be a different size or a different type of BKR?

We have some exciting things up our sleeves – but the surprise is half the fun.  We love a good surprise.

    You’ve have amassed quite a large celebrity following, do you remember your first ‘OMG, guess who has been seen with BKR?’

Our first OMG moment was an amazing shot of Jessica Alba with a pool bkr from our original line. Early on our publicist was at a press conference and Brandon Boyd, the lead singer of Incubus, had a fog bkr – he told her he loved it and it was his favourite bottle.  Maybe our biggest freak-out ever was when we saw Gisele, one of the most famous supermodels in the world, photographed with several different bkr bottles.

    What has been your favourite part of having your own company?

Where do we start?  This is our dream job. We’re really good friends and we get to create together, inspire each other and travel the world together. We’re constantly pinching ourselves that we get to do this.

    Can you share a little bit your journey so far, and also about the BKR and how it came about?

KC: Without question, water is the foundation of your beauty regimen.  And for years, we were addicted to bottled water.

TW: We realized we were intelligent, fashionable, cultured women who wanted everything in our loves to be glowing and glamorous but we were constantly drinking out of trash; it didn’t compute.

KC: For us there really was nothing to replace the disposable bottle. We wanted something that matched our couture and wasn’t designed to hike Kilimanjaro. We wanted to drink from something clean, clear, soft and beautiful and that was made of glass and not plastic or metal. And it had to have a small mouth. We hated drinking from a wide mouth bottle.  We couldn’t find what we wanted so we took a leap and created it.

TW: We’ve created a beauty essential that’s changing the way people drink their water forever. And if that sounds dramatic or like hyperbole, then you just haven’t had your first bkr yet.

I actually had the chance to meet both Tal and Kate, and just seeing how well the two girls gel together and bounce off each other is really inspiring. I love meeting entrepreneurs and hearing their stories, it really motivates me. I love it when people are passionate about something, and these girls really are about their bkr bottles. I genuinely wish them all the best and hope their brand keeps expanding.

bkr is now available in the UK, exclusively to Selfridges. They retail for £25.00 and if you pop in store there are lots of different colours to choose from. Online there are three colour options, which you can find here. I have my eyes on the pastel shades in store and I really cannot wait till the 1L bottles make their way over to the UK.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I thought it would be interesting for you all to read a Q&A as well as reading my bkr water bottle review. I really am enjoying my bkr, I bring it along to all my meetings and it is always commented on. It does put everyone else’s water bottles to shame and secretly, that makes me really happy! Speak soon, Tanzina x